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Category Medium
Province/City District
Commune Village
Period Style Date
Height (cm) Width (cm)
Depth (cm) Diameter (cm)
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Found 16597 Item/s
No. Image Inv.No. Old.Inv.No. Item Name Medium
1 NMC.43 Bracelet Brass alloy
2 NMC.42 Bracelet Brass alloy
3 NMC.41 Bracelet Brass alloy
4 NMC.40 Bracelet Brass alloy
5 NMC.4.1-2 Grinding table (Pesani) Sandstone
6 NMC.39 Bracelet Brass alloy
7 NMC.38 Bracelet Brass alloy
8 NMC.37 Bracelet Brass alloy
9 NMC.36 Bracelet Brass alloy
10 NMC.35.1-2 Hanuman Brass alloy
11 NMC.34 Support Brass alloy
12 NMC.31 Sword Iron
13 NMC.30 យដបប.188 Bell Brass alloy
14 NMC.3 Fragment of lintel Sandstone
15 NMC.29 Manuscript Paper
16 NMC.28 Linga Sandstone
17 NMC.27 Fragment of vase Earthenware
18 NMC.26 Fragment of grinding roller Sandstone
19 NMC.26 Fragment of grinding roller Sandstone
20 NMC.25 Grinding roller Sandstone
21 NMC.25 Grinding roller Sandstone
22 NMC.249 Inscription Bronze
23 NMC.248 Grinding table (Pesani) Sandstone
24 NMC.247 Cooking pot Clay
25 NMC.246 Knife Iron
26 NMC.245 Bracelet Iron
27 NMC.244.1-3 Bracelet Bronze
28 NMC.243.1-3 Bracelet Bronze
29 NMC.242.1-2 Scissors Iron
30 NMC.241.1-6 Bracelet Bronze
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